Bea Miller — Bea Miller's Self-Reflection & New Music

Bea Miller’s Self-Reflection & New Music. 2017

Bea Miller is one of those artists who is always developing her craft. In 2012 the singer/actress was participating in the second season of ‘The X Factor,’ where Britney Spears was her coach. After leaving, she swiftly honed her own music. It didn’t take long to see results. “Young Blood” and “Fire N Gold” came first, touting artistic independence and planting a flag in the ground, sound-wise. She was 15 years old when her ‘Not An Apology’ album came out in the spring of 2014. “We make our own luck in this world,” she sang in “Young Blood,” and lots of fans sang along. She was on her way.

Now the 18-year-old New Jersey native has blossomed even further. You can hear it on her ‘chapter one: blue,’ the first installment of a new trilogy. She’s been growing up, and the new music reflects that.

“Not only have I experienced a lot in the past few years, just between my first album and now, but I also came out of my shell. And was like I’m going to write my own music and say what I have to say, because as intimidating to do that, to tell people your secrets, it’s also kind of empowering.”

“A Song Like You” and ”Burning Bridges” are her latest videos. The trilogy’s upcoming chapters will be released as 2017 progresses. In this exclusive profile interview, Miller explains how her writing is liberating and how her music is the springboard for a conversation with her fans.

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