Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Doctor Strange & Does More Impressions | MTV

Benedict Cumberbatch stops by MTV’s studios to talk Dr. Strange, show off impressions and shares his thoughts on Dr. Strange leading the Avengers.

0:50 Benedict discusses being cast as Doctor Strange and what attracted him to the character
2:40 Benedict talks hosting SNL for the first time
4:15 Strangest place someone has asked for a picture
4:51 Strangest nickname a friend has for Benedict Cumberbatch
5:34 Strangest thing Benedict Cumberbatch does now that he’s a parent
5:46 Strangest dance move
6:03 Doctor Strange strangest dance move
7:03 Benedict discusses the accent for Doctor Strange
7:22 Benedict does impressions with lines from Doctor Strange
8:15 If you could cast yourself in a future Star Wars film, who would you play?
9:11 Was the shirtless scene in Doctor Strange your idea?
10:14 Benedict shares his thoughts on where Doctor Strange fits in with the world of the Avengers
11:45 Will Doctor Strange make a good leader for the Avengers
12:19 who would win in a fight: strange or loki
14:35 Benedict dresses like Indiana Jones for Halloween

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