Billy Raffoul — Vevo Meets: Billy Raffoul

Vevo Meets: Billy Raffoul

At the age of 14, Ontario-native Billy Raffoul decided to play music after seeing his singer-songwriter dad Jody perform. For the next few years he played in area bars, and got his first big break after singing some demos for Kid Rock. His deep, soulful voice caught the ears of the studio staff, who filmed an iPhone video of Raffoul singing two originals – which led to a management deal and a move to Nashville. The power of his vocals and the strengths of his writing are showcased on “Driver,” and its gravity-defying video. In our “Vevo Meets” session, Raffoul talks about his inspirations, career goals, and much more.

Producer: Anupa Mistry
Director: Cameron Robert

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Billy Raffoul:

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