Buddy — Vevo Meets: Buddy

He can spit hard and croon cool – having both skills helped Buddy get noticed by Pharrell a few years ago, and along with a deep talent for production, he’s parlayed them into a career that’s got a respect for the experimental side of things. The Compton artist’s ‘Idle Time’ mixtape had features by Kendrick Lamar, Miley Cyrus and Skateboard P himself. On last spring’s ‘Ocean & Montana’ EP, he changed up his sound by changing up his collaborators. Montreal producer Kaytranada helped Buddy shape the those tracks. He closed the summer of 2017 with ‘Magnolia,’ a more overt rap album produced by Mikey & Keys that resounded with that SoCal vibe and boasted features by Wiz Khalifa and Kent James. Hear him tell his own story, including buying his first Missy Elliott album, listening to music in the shower and standing on the verge of becoming a foodie in ‘Vevo Meets.’

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