Craig David — Craig David: A Letter to Myself

Brit R&B hero Craig David began the 00’s with a big blast of success. His ‘Born To Do It’ album shot out of nowhere, reaching the top of the UK charts thanks to infectious beats, strong writing and the bounding charisma of a 17-year-old artist. As he releases his seventh album, ‘The Time Is Now,’ we connected with him for a bit of reflection and a glance back at his history. Vevo’s Priya Minhas invites to the singer to share his thoughts on the emotional impact his music had on his both his audience and himself, and he explains how he continues to capture explosive moments while working with new creative new collaborators such as Bastille and Goldlink. Along the way you’ll see clips from from his 2001 Wembley Stadium show, Glastonbury and London 02 arena performances, and Ibiza Rocks residency. “If you define yourself by numbers and statistics, you’ll always be on the road to failure. But if you define yourself by great music and enjoyment of performing it, you’re always winning,” he says. It’s inspiring to hear David describe how he has found himself again and continues to move forward.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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