Dagny — Catching Up With Dagny ft. Lizzy Plapinger

Catching Up With Dagny

The right voice, the right song, the right production. Dagny’s “Backbeat” boasted that sought-after combo, and it earned the Norwegian singer a sizable U.S. audience. The singer has been working at her music for years now, but in the last year or so she’s truly made some big moves forward. Last spring she performed in Brooklyn as part of our dscvr series, blasting her way through “Backbeat” and “Fool’s Gold,” both part of her ‘Ultraviolet’ EP. We recently had a chance to catch up with Dagny, so Lizzy Plapinger sat down with her talk about the various ways her live show has changed, the oddities of writing songs in Norwegian, and how she dreamed up the synchronized dancing sequence in the Wes Anderson-inspired «Wearing Nothing» video.

Director: Cameron Robert
Producer: Priya Minhas & Alyssa Ahrens

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