G Herbo — Three Thoughts On Fatherhood

G Herbo — Three Thoughts on Fatherhood

Nothin’ easy about comin’ up in Chicago’s South Shore, especially ’round the hood known as Terror Town. G Herbo’s records reflect the full-on street perspectives that make his hard-hitting tracks deliver so much lyrical clout. Lil Herb has absorbed all the conflict around him, and sprays out portraits of city life that are riddled with the constant sense of danger Chicago carries with it these days. He’s connected with Windy City heroes in the last year or so, sharing the mic with Common, Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. And of course his pal Lil Bibby, a South Shore homey who like Herb also is part of XXL’s Freshman Class alumni. Last year’s ‘Humble Beast’ made good on all the promise of his previous mixtapes, with «Red Snow» and «I Like» leading the charge. Now fans are knocked out by his ‘Swervo’ album, and the videos for «Focused» and the title track. To celebrate its arrival we had him come by a share his perspective on a subject important to him: fatherhood. «My dad did everything to be supportive. As a man you gotta make sacrifices for your family. So I do think about what he did for us.» See what he thinks about changing diapers to enhance artistic drive in ‘Three Thoughts.’

Producer: Jayson Rodriguez

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