Girlpool — Vevo Meets: Girlpool

Vevo Meets: Girlpool. 2017

Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad connected in high school and started writing and performing as Girlpool. Cali kids now living in Philly, their harmonies their DIY mindset and the gorgeous blend of twee and fierce have put them on the map of new alt-pop that need to be heard. Their 2015 ‘Before the World Was Big’ album was long on quiet charm, just guitar, bass and vocals. The new ‘Powerplant’ adds bass and drums to the mix but sustains the plaintive charisma that Girlpool songs always have at their center. Cleo and Harmony stopped in for a Vevo Meets interview that found them discussing first concerts, alternative careers (guess which one would like to be “someone who names the color of things”), and Lilo & Stitch impressions.

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