Halsey — Halsey on Losing Herself to Find Herself Again

Halsey on Losing Herself to Find Herself Again. 2017

One of Halsey’s key artistic traits is the candor that drives both her music and her relationship with her audience. Whether the subject is politics or romance, the singer behind «Ghost,» «Colors» and «New Americana» always cuts to the chase, unearthing emotions that are often brushed aside by others. Her new ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ album was written and recorded in the wake of a breakup, the «misadventure» of star-crossed lovers as she reveals in album’s «Prologue.» Halsey recently performed the songs for the first time ever at our Vevo Presents show in LA, and in our exclusive interview she sat down with Kim Taylor Bennett to elaborate on their origins, plot twists, and meanings. Along the way she explained how Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’ helped her shape the narrative, how she crafted the traits of her lovers Luna and Solace, and how she had to come to grips with herself when her ex was no longer in the daily picture. Big questions and intriguing options sprouted immediately, and she tells Bennett all about them. «When I’m making a record, I want my fans to know the characters and know the story,» she says. «It’s kind of liberating, being so honest. Because it keeps me being honest with myself.»

Director: Evan Cohen
Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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