Hayley Kiyoko — The World According to Hayley Kiyoko

It’s always fun to see what Hayley Kiyoko has to say. The actress/singer/director, whose videos for «Feelings,» «Cliffs Edge» and «Sleepover» illustrate the pride found in many same-sex relationships (a motif that began with her 2015 debut «Girls Like Girls») is one of pop’s most fascinating characters. We knew she’d be perfect explaining her POV in our «The World According To» series, and to celebrate the arrival of her new ‘Expectations’ album, we had her take a seat and tell her story. The subjects range from her first crushes to her pottery skills to kissing someone who’s just eaten a tuna melt. Don’t miss.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

Animation: Robin Eisenberg

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Hayley Kiyoko

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