Jasmine Thompson — Vevo Meets:

Vevo Meets: Jasmine Thompson performing . 2017

YouTube is a great place to show the world your talents, and UK teen Jasmine Thompson earned her first wave of acclaim there singing some of her favorite songs. When her first album arrived, it too, included personal spins on smashes by established artists, like Naughty Boy’s «La La La» and David Guetta’s «Titanium.» Her vocals have range — they can arrive as a gorgeous coo or a knowing whisper. In 2015 she signed with Atlantic records and dropped her impressive ‘Adore’ EP, which contained «Mad World.» When she arrived for her Vevo Meets interview this spring, she was super proud of her new ‘Wonderland’ EP, and her «Old Friends» video. Both remind us how strong Thompson’s voice sounds in sparse settings. See what she says about how Pinterest inspired one of her songs, playing the same London venue as Twenty One Pilots and binge-watching ‘Prison Break.’

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