Kurt Cobain Talks Music Videos, His Stomach & Frances Bean | MTV News

Check out this complete, unedited Kurt Cobain interview from MTV’s «Nirvana: Past Present Future» where he discusses his stomach problems, creating Nirvana music videos, and his daughter Frances Bean.

0:06 Kurt’s stomach problems
3:19 ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Music Video
5:29 ‘Come As You Are’ Music Video
7:01 ‘Lithium’ As A Concept Video
8:22 Tool’s Music Video Being A Rip Off
9:06 The idea behind ‘In Bloom’
12:09 «Sliver» Music Video
13:34 «Heart-Shaped Box» Music Video
15:58 Not making a video for «All Apologies»
17:09 «All Apologies» being the next single
18:02 The production on «Nevermind» & «In Utero»
21:16 Scott Litt as a producer
22:23 Writing credits
23:33 Frances Bean’s effect on the band
25:06 Interpretation of lyrics
28:44 Michael Azerrad’s interview & cover story
31:59 Finding it easer to sing and play the guitar
34:26 Pat Smear joining Nirvana
34:49 Bands from Seattle being pre-judged
36:00 William S. Burroughs collaboration

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