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Lauren Alaina «Three» — Performance & Meaning

It’s one thing to win a regional talent contest. It’s another to become a widely-respected runner-up on ‘American idol.’ Lauren Alaina has been moving forward since she was a Georgia teen living in the burbs outside Chattanooga TN. Her love of twang and pop helped her feel at home in the super catchy realm of contemporary country, and her debut ‘Wildflower’ told fans to hang tight, good stuff was here and more was coming. The title cut from her ‘Road Less Traveled’ and «Next Boyfriend» proved the wait was worth it. Both were smashes. We got Lauren to swing by for a spin through «Three,» the favorite song she’s ever written, and one of ‘Road Less Traveled»s most potent tracks. «I think we all have a dream, and we’d all do anything to make that dream come true. I get to get up on stage every night and sings songs I’ve written from my heart and hear people sing ’em back to me.» Watch the performance and see what else she says about the tune’s meaning.

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Lauren Alaina

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