Lenny Kravitz — Lenny Kravitz Talks ‘Raise Vibration,’ And Why Love Still Rules

After three decades of thriving in the rock realm, Lenny Kravitz pulled up from a massive tour a few years ago and scratched his head. He wasn’t sure what the next move was, and worse, he didn’t even feel inspired to carry on. So it was chill time. Everyone deserves that, and often it’s enough to revitalize the creativity. But even when he hit the Bahamas to start tracking the music that’s on his new ‘Raise Vibration,’ there was still a reticence in the air. Frustrating. Then the elements of «Low» popped into his head in a dream, and then more songs came while he was slumbering. Dude dreamed his whole damned record. Watch the man who brought us «Are You Gonna Go My Way,» «Again,» «Fly Away,» and «Let Love Rule,» discuss the recording process and the emotions that drive the songs in our exclusive interview.

Producer: Jayson Rodriguez

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