Miguel — The Making Of War & Leisure (Vevo x Miguel)

Miguel’s new ‘War & Leisure’ album is a blast of future funk that throws its arms around a parade of emotions. Sound-wise, the R&B innovator continues to sanction a string of inventive ideas, and from politics to personal revelations, the album’s ever-shifting vibe makes each track feel like a new adventure. “Part of this album’s purpose was finding a balance between being aware of what’s going on and not letting it weigh me down,” he told Vevo’s Anupa Mistry in an exclusive interview. Fans know he’s a killer performer, so we invited him to take the stage at Elsewhere in Brooklyn to capture four of the new songs live. He was pure fire, as you’ll see with the premieres of “Sky Walker,” “Pineapple Skies,” «Told You So» and «Come Through and Chill.»

Watch all the Vevo X Miguel performances:

Director: Micah Bickham

Producers: Ed Walker, Emily Louick, Contrast Films

Watch Miguel on Vevo: www.vevo.com/artists/miguel

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