MTV News | Election 2016 | The People's Playhouse

1:57 Saba performs Church/Liquor Store
5:40 Pusha T Interview about Police Brutality
10:08 Jeezy & Why We Need to Vote
11:05 Martese Johnson and Stephen Green Talk Further about Police Brutality
21:15 Lynda Lowery: The Woman Who Marched with Martin Luther King, Jr.
23:25 Symone Sanders talks about #WeVote
30:48 Meredith Graves talks to first time voters
34:48 First Time Voter Diary: Shaquan McDowell
36:07 Marcus Ellsworth talks about how we can make a difference tomorrow
1:00:00 Raury Performs “Devil’s Whisper”
1:03:50 Raury on Why He Chose to Vote
1:12:40 Leezia Dhalla and Zaira Garcia Discuss Immigration Reform
1:18:44 “Democracy” Choreographed by Victor Shoyelu
1:23:58 Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis talks about being gay and an undocumented citizen
1:25:55 Oklahoma and Crime Laws
1:27:22 Raury Performs “Butterfly”
2:00:04 Sadi3 Performs “Less Than 2”
2:03:33 Sadi3 On LGBTQ Rights in this Election
2:12:30 Travis Wall Performance
2:15:39 Jane Coaston Talks Marriage Equality and LGBTQ rights
3:05:15 Meredith Graves Talks with Hillary Clinton supporters
3:08:55 Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot & the Importance of Women Voting | #WorksNotDone | 2016 Election
3:10:48 Elaine Paredes from Planned Parenthood talks Reproductive Rights
4:07:44 Marcus Ellsworth talks about Standing Rock
4:10:23 Florida and the Legalization of Marijuana
4:11:19 Alexandria Wojcik talks environmental issues
4:18:09 Meredith Graves talks to Stephanie, a 19 year old who recently enlisted in the U.S. Army
5:03:59 Brandon Victor Dixon Performs “We Are”
6:01:49 Moving Forward and Self-Care

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