Oshun — Vevo Meets: Oshun

Vevo Meets: Oshun. 2017

Niambi Sala and Thandiwe comprise the Brooklyn-based hip-hop group Oshun. The women grew up in Maryland but connected at NYU, where “the spirit moved us to start creating together,” Niambi told Complex. Their name was inspired by the West African deity of sweet waters: “She’s basically the mother of love, fertility, wealth, and diplomacy,” Thandiwe says. “We both felt her energy and felt moved to dedicate the music to her and all of Yoruba culture.” Oshun’s powerful tracks have a socially-conscious thrust; “Not My President,” “Protect Your Self” and “Stay Woke” are filled with purpose and pride, and the video, “Sango” is a lush showcase of their sensual music and spiritual inspiration. They say their sound is akin to “bringing a jar of honey to a Kodak Black concert while falling into the ocean and burning some frankinsense and myrrh.” and We sat down with Niambi and Thandiwe to discuss how they met, their first concerts, and more.

Watch Oshun on Vevo:

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