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Vevo :60 With: POWERS 2017

Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru earned their reps as songwriters. Glance through the album credits of Selena Gomez, Kylie Minogue, and Christina Aguilera, and each of their names will crop up. They connected to form POWERS in 2013, and craft has been on their side from the start. They’ve dropped a string of releases that include «Gimme Some,» «Touch the World» and their ‘Legendary’ EP, and along the way their inspired synth-pop — sometimes funky, always catchy — has earned more and more fans. Their latest videos are «Man On The Moon» and «Heavy.»

In anticipation of their upcoming ‘Alpha’ album, Del Rio and Ru stopped by Vevo to submit to our rapid-fire interview. In their ‘:60 with’ session, they asked each other all sorts of questions. Find out what they said about Shirley Manson, Prince, the Backstreet Boys, miming, Paul McCartney and the best advice they ever gave someone.

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