Skott — Vevo Meets: Skott

Vevo Meets: Skott

Violin as a kid, video game music as a teen, and rather sophisticated pop as an adult. Skott’s trajectory has been fascinating. The Swedish singer has put music front center since her childhood in a rather remote Nordic village. She’s steeped in tradition, perhaps that why her modern pop feels like it’s being sung by an old soul. The deep expression of her voice on fan favorites “Mermaid,” “Wolf” and “Porcelain,” keep listeners fascinated with her ethereal work. Last year she was part of Vevo’s ‘Ones To Watch’ series, turning in a killer performance of “Porcelain.” Find out all about her in ‘Vevo Meets.’

Producer & Director: Alyssa Ahrens

Watch Skott on Vevo:


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