Troi Irons — Vevo Meets: Troi Irons

Vevo Meets: Troi Irons. 2017

We were knocked out when Troi Irons’ ‘Turbulence’ EP hit last fall. The blossoming singer-songwriter has a not-so-quiet intensity, and you can hear her simmering over on tracks such as “Today.” From her distressed whisper to the song’s swirling climax, it makes a dent. In our Vevo Meets interview, she explains a few bedrock facts about herself. Both her parents are musicians, the first record she bought was Green Day’s ‘American Idiot,’ and she was inspired to strum along on a guitar that she had. It instantly felt like an outlet for her emotions. At 18, she learned her way around recording software and made the track, “Red.”

Irons’ ‘Turbulence’ has a string of strong songs. “Peculiar,” “Lawless,” and “Fool” all provide a portrait of her intensity. Her video for “Today” is just as dramatic as the song itself. “With music, I’m in full expression and feeling mode,” the 22-year-old has said. In her Vevo Meets interview, you’ll also find out about her relationship with attentive audiences, as well as her twin sister.

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