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When country newcomer Tyler Rich stopped by, he played a few songs and explained how his taste in music was shaped by everyone from John Fogarty to George Strait to Alan Jackson – and went into a hip-hop classic on his acoustic guitar. So let’s just say it up front: influence-wise, he’s got a wide perspective. And it pays off. The NoCal native who moved to LA to get noticed, succeeded at doing exactly that. Now he’s a Nashville resident making even more strides with his pliable voice and catchy tunes. He hit our studio to performance “The Difference,” which scrutinizes the levels of romance an commitment a couple can move through. “The line that says there’s a difference between ‘Love ya’ and ‘I love you,’” is very true,” he explains, “there’s a difference between the three words and two words. I learned this because when I met my financé, and we started falling in love, you’re nervous to say ‘I love you.”

Producer: Contrast Films
Director: Micah Bickham

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Tyler Rich

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