Victoria La Mala — Vevo Meets: Victoria La Mala

Vevo Meets: Victoria La Mala

“If 2 Pac and Selena had a child, it would be me.” Victoria La Mala isn’t fooling around when she says that. The upstart Mexico City native brokers a blend of old and new in her music. The banda and conjunto she heard around her home as a child up are present in tracks such as “Vete Mucho,” but the flourish and sweep of modern pop are also in the air when La Mala let her vocals truly take off. Check the video for “Si Va a Dler Que Duela” for the way she addresses drama with that powerhouse voice of hers. Her ‘Vevo Meets’ fills us in on how she worked to get the music industry to notice her, and what it felt like to hear her song on the radio for the first time.

Producer: Anupa Mistry
Director: Dan Nastro

Watch Victoria La Mala on Vevo:

Victoria La Mala

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