YFN Lucci — Vevo Meets: YFN Lucci

Vevo Meets: YFN Lucci. 2017

The ATL has known about YFN Lucci;s skills for a while now, but these days his circle is getting bigger and bigger. Following an older brother who rapped, he came up checking everyone from Ja Rule to Tupac to Fabolous. He grabbed the mic at 16 and never looked back. That was 10 years ago. Since then he rode his debut mixtape ‘Wish Me Well’ and its hit “Key To The Streets” to a blast of critical acclaim. XXL called it one the best hip-hop tracks of 2016, and Vibe put it on its year-end list, too.

The Dirty South MC hit his Vevo Meets shoot to celebrate the arrival of ‘Long Live Nut,’ a new EP. The video for “Everyday We Lit” features Lucci and pals partying on boat in Miami. During the interview he explains a few things about himself. Who knew he can play trombone, one of the first rap shows he ever saw featured T.I. and he wants to run his own label? He confesses that he can be goofy from time to time, and is most proud of “Talk That Shit” from ‘Wish Me Well.’

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YFN Lucci

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