Gojira — Gojira discuss their latest music and current tastes

Gojira talks to Vevo at Rock On the Range 2017.

Gojira has a song called “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe,” and it was at the front of their set list when they played Rock On The Range in May. The French death metal band, featuring Mario and Joe Duplantier, has been cranking for more than two decades (they changed their name from the original Godzilla in 2001), and last year’s ‘Magma’ is as explosive and intimidating as their previous work. We connected with the brothers at Rock on the Range for a chat about how their music has shifted towards prog metal of late, how rockers are sometimes trying to keep their childhoods alive, and their early passion for Metallica and loud bands.

Director: Dan Nastro
Producer: Lori Schmon

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